How to use bitcoin?

How to use bitcoins at

Using bitcoin payments

Using bitcoin as payment currency at is very easy. If you don't own bitcoins we prepared a list of bitcoin marketplaces listed below. Right after you obtain bitcoins, place your order at, select bitcoin payments (not available for 4-CMC crystals) and we will give you our bitcoin address. Use this address in your selected bitcoin wallet and send given amount of bitcoins to that address. We will notify you after receiving payment  and ship in the earliest opportunity.   

You can also check this link with detailed process here.

Where to obtain bitcoins

Weekly card limit 500$, you need to verify yourself with ID photo, takes a couple minutes

Supported cards - Visa, MasterCard, Maestro (3d secure auth, 3% charge fee)

Trading with EUR, ETH, BTC currency

Multiple payment methods offered by other users, it is exchange service

No need for verification, but seller can require more information about you like ID scan.

No limits, prices are given by offers from other users

Not the fastest way to obtain bitcoin nor the easiest one, but you can get best deals

You need to go throw verification process, which can take a couple of days.

Supports only bank deposits via SEPA (0.05% fee, but minimum fee is 7.5USD/EUR)

Credit cards fee is 8%. Please note that there is a $300 daily and a $1500 weekly limit for buying bitcoin using this method.

Week buy limit without verification is 25€, 250€ with ID verification.

Supported cards - Visa, MasterCard, Maestro (3.9% fee)